The classic Acapulco Chair was introduced to the market in Mexico around the 1950’s by an unknown designer.  Many speculate that its design is based on Mayan hammocks and that its tropical colors are a representation of its origin city, Acapulco. One fact is for sure, this chair has become one of Mexico’s most recognized products and its popularity continues to increase.

Originally designed as an outdoor chair it has now become a versatile chair that can easily be used in many different settings; indoor, outdoors, residential, commercial. Its clean lines and vibrant colors make it perfect for any style and has often been featured in many interior design magazines and blogs.

At Fandango Trading we create our Acapulco chairs in Mexico, using the same traditional methods as the 1950’s Acapulco Chairs. We work with very talented artisans to create this unique, comfortable chairs. We then import them to our warehouse in San Antonio, TX where they wait to be shipped to their new home.


These stylish Acapulco chairs are about looks as well as function. The uv resistant vinyl weaving is flexible enough to form to your body but strong enough to give you the support you need. No cushion required, but you could add one if you want even more color.

These are single piece products, no assembly required. The frames are made of solid, welded iron and painted with rust resistant paint.


Height: 36 in

Width: 30 in

Length: 33 in

Seat Height: 13 in

Weight: 15 lb

At a Glance:

  • Polyethylene (Vinyl) Cord allows air to flow through.
  • Rust Resistant welded Iron base makes it very sturdy and durable.
  • Stackable, weatherproof, low maintenance
  • No assembly required

Maintenance and Care:  wipe clean with damp cloth. To prolong the life of these chairs we recommend covering them or storing them during extreme climate, or better yet use them as part of your interior décor during harsh climate seasons.

Returns: Due to the shipping cost of this product we are only able to refund you the cost of the actual chair. Shipping cost will not be refunded and customer is responsible for shipment back to us.

Available Colors:

COLORCHARTCustom color combinations available with our multi-color chair.

Color choices must be from chart above.



The Baby Acapulco Chair is an exact replica of its parent version and made of the same sturdy materials. Easy cleaning makes this a perfect chair for any child’s room.


Height: 22 in

Width: 20 in

Length: 22 in

Seat Height: 8 in

Weight: 8 lb

At a Glance:

Materials: Polyethylene (Vinyl) Cord with Rust Resistant welded iron base.

Available Colors: